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Posted by on December 18, 2019

The yoga, and certain physical exercises are contemplated to achieve optimal physical development.

These physical exercises include Kegel. The exercises Kegel are easy exercises that can be done to help strengthen the muscles of the floor pelvic. These muscles help control blood flow in the area and are one of the most effective treatments when treating incontinence without prior medical treatment.

The prostate is a small gland located under the bladder that surrounds the urethra. The urethra transports urine to the penis. There are a large number of muscles surrounding the prostate and these can weaken over the years and lead to problems when it comes to optimal development in sexual intercourse, and of course have problems with urine loss. Building strength in the pelvic floor muscles can help control the flow of urine, explains sexologist in Delhi.

First of all, it is necessary to locate the correct muscles to exercise. There are several ways to locate them, but sexologist doctor in Delhi highlights this mode: The most effective is usually to try to stop and start the flow of urine. If you have trouble doing so, just imagine that someone enters the bathroom and urination should be stopped. Well, the muscles that are used to stop the flow of urine, only pelvic floor muscles.

Once the muscles are located, the next step is to master the movement. For example, tighten the muscles for 3 seconds, and then relax for another 3. This is the basic exercise and can be raised to 4 levels.

  • Basic: What is done when lying down
  • Normal: Performing once sitting
  • Advanced: When standing
  • Teacher: Being this the maximum level, it will be practiced while walking.

It is essential to maintain a maximum concentration, and not exercise the wrong muscles. These exercises should preferably be done after urinating, to remove the last drops of urine, also just before sneezing, laughing, coughing or lifting heavy objects.

It is also very important when performing Kegel exercises:

  • Do not tighten your stomach or buttock muscles
  • Do not push down
  • Relax the pelvic floor muscles before each squeeze
  • Not hold your breath

It may be that at the beginning, you cannot repeat the series of exercises for 10 or 20 times, and it is not something that you should worry about, since it is a symptom that you are doing well since it is advisable to do few exercises and well that many and bad.

The ultimate goal is to perform 20 Kegel exercises for 3 or 4 times a day.

As we have mentioned above, the good thing about these exercises is that it is not necessary that you take a break to perform them or go to the gym, but that you can do them at any time of the day and best of all, without anyone noticing.

The average to start seeing results is usually about 6 weeks, since we must not forget that it is like any other muscle in the body and constant training and dedication is needed, suggests sex specialist in Delhi.

Patients who have performed these exercises for a long period of their life have full control over possible incontinence and within about 9 to 12 months they can begin to see clear results of such control.

Nor should we be discouraged if these results are not seen in that period or if you suffer from any loss of urine, since each body works at its own pace, but what is certain is that with constancy, you reach the mastery.

The best sexologist in Delhi encourages you to practice these Kegel exercises and in case you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at our sex clinic in Delhi. Our top sexologist in Delhi will help you in a totally personalized way focusing on your needs.

No matter what your ailment, we have the latest treatments and technology, with the best sexologist doctor in Delhi, so you will not find better hands on which to put your health.


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