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Posted by on December 5, 2019

This is how male sexual dysfunctions affect the couple, a difficult problem to address, but with a solution.

Women are also affected by the sexual dysfunctions of their partners in silence. Good communication is key to obtaining positive results and improvements with treatments.

For millions of men, having sex has become a trauma that affects the self-esteem and mood of those who suffer. Indians are reluctant to consult a sex specialist in Delhi. In the case of erectile dysfunction, they wait up to four years, and only 20% of men receive treatment according to sexologist in Delhi, a medical clinic dedicated to the treatment of male sexual dysfunctions.

Irritability, insecurity, stress, anxiety, rejection of sex, bad mood and depression are some of the consequences of these pathologies that directly affect the social relationships of those who suffer from them. For this reason, sexologist doctor in Delhi, thanks to its experience, also helps women deal with these situations with their partners through different tips to know how to raise the problem when the other party refuses to solve it.

The most common reaction among men who suffer from these disorders is to deny it: in the case of erectile dysfunction, two out of every three men hide it or attribute it to specific causes such as fatigue, stress or the routine of life as a couple. Mainly, men do not go to the best sexologist in Delhi for ignorance and fear of pain. There is also shame in talking about sexual problems, which many men feel like a loss of manhood. “It’s a cultural problem,” explains Dr. P K Gupta, sex specialist doctor in Delhi“Women are not ashamed to say they go to the gynecologist. On the other hand, men have more prejudices, it is hard for us to talk about these things even with a doctor.

hypoactive sexual desire

A couple solution

More and more men go to the sex doctor in Delhi accompanied by their partner. In the sexologist clinic in Delhi, the proportion reaches 30%. This complicity is vital for healing, according to the best sex doctor in Delhi: “Talking about the problem and looking for a solution together reduces anxiety and improves confidence, which increases the success of the treatment.” There are even women who call to inform themselves, because they have detected the problem and do not know how to discuss it with their partner.


  • If he doesn’t bring up the subject, you start the conversation. Communication is a good opportunity to share your feelings and clear up misunderstandings. Everything that helps prevent misunderstandings is meant to have positive effects.
  • Above all, don’t resign yourself, don’t assume that the problem is a normal part of the relationship.
  • If your partner does not want to assume it, get all the information you can to help him understand it very tactfully.
  • It is important that your partner does not worry more than he should. The ability to share feelings and thoughts about sex is a factor highly related to a full sex life.
  • Under no circumstances should you fall into reproaches, as it can end up destroying the relationship. It is important to assimilate that your partner is as unique as you, and what for you may be adequate communication, may not be well received by the other.
  • The most important thing is to suggest the other person to go to a sexologist in South Delhi and offer to accompany him. Making an appointment and visiting the top sexologist in Delhi together can help overcome the state of anxiety or shame that many men feel.
  • Try to help him at all times. Many treatments consist of exercises, in which the couple must take an active role. Let him know you are both involved and that you are going to solve it together.

One of the main obstacles is that it is difficult for men to go to the sexologist in East Delhi in almost any situation. According to data, men between 35 and 44 years go to the doctor 17% less than women of the same age. Even so, for many men to discover that their partners really support them and want to recover their sexual life is a very important and motivating starting point. Keeping the lines of communication open with the couple is key.


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