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Posted by on December 22, 2019

Millions of men suffer sexual impotence in the world. The advances that have taken place in this area have served so that today there are many remedies and erectile dysfunction treatment in DelhiFollowing some of the reasons behind this problem and what to do to solve it.

Treatments for impotence with medications

The most used impotence treatment in Delhi is those that involve the use of some type of medication. They are very effective, but they always have to be prescribed by a sexologist in Delhi. Not doing so can have a totally counterproductive effect and make the problem worse.

  • Tablets. Pills are the most common format when it comes to treating impotence. There are different types, so only a doctor can prescribe them. You have to be very strict when it comes to respecting the doses. There are lists ready for an immediate and temporary effect, while others are taken more frequently for a more lasting effect.
  • Cream. Another of the impotence treatments that are frequently used is the cream. It is applied to the penis and within a few minutes an erection occurs. Its duration is limited so it must be used between 5 and 30 minutes before maintaining relationships.
  • Injections. Small injections are given directly into the penis. The results begin to be noticed in a very short time, so they are a solution to impotence of rapid effect.

erectile dysfunction treatment

Treatments for impotence with hormones

Sometimes impotence has to do with some hormonal alteration. For example, in some depression treatments with antidepressants there is a significant decrease in testosterone. Some decide to abandon treatment, but this is a mistake. A compatible alternative can be found to treat the emotional problem and replenish the hormonal levels that activate sexual desire, suggests the best sexologist in Delhi.

Treatments for impotence with artificial devices

Many devices have been designed as a treatment for impotence in DelhiSome are used to cause erection and then removed. Others are directly implanted in the penis and activated at the time of having sex.

  • Vacuum systems. The penis is inserted into a cavity and the air is removed. This vacuum forces the venous cavities to fill with blood and the desired erection is created.
  • Implants. By means of a prosthesis, an erection is achieved at the desired time. Using a system that works with a manual pump, air is introduced into the prosthesis and the penis is raised. It is a more drastic solution than others, it is used in cases where no other treatment works.

Treatments for impotence with psychology

Many times the problem of impotence is a mental issue. Stress and anxiety trigger impotence. It is important to go to a sex specialist in Delhi to help you manage these symptoms.

Sadness can also negatively influence. Depression or a disappointment in love are some of the causes that cause dysfunction.

Low self-esteem is also decisive when it comes to having sex without problems. Being very worried or thinking about some kind of complex will prevent you from enjoying the moment. Discuss it with your partner, let him know what you feel and let him help you. Surely for her the matter that makes you feel so bad is not serious. It is most appropriate to help overcome sexual impotence, says top sexologist in Delhi.

Treatments for impotence through relaxation

To reduce the tension that interferes with sexual potency, mind control and a state of relaxation are necessary. Through different therapies it is possible to relax.

In many cases this is enough to solve the problem of impotence.

In addition to enjoying the benefits at the time you are being treated, it can also be done in the long term. In these sessions they teach you how to relax in any situation.

Tips to avoid sexual impotence

The best solution for impotence is to have healthy living habits, thus avoiding physical deterioration, which results in impotence, suggests sexologist doctor in Delhi.

  • Feeding. Excess fat has a direct relationship with dysfunction. For this reason we must avoid foods rich in saturated fats, such as industrial pastries, fried foods and so on. It is also necessary that you consume enough fruits and vegetables. These will provide the necessary nutrients for the connections between the brain and the penis to occur, and for a correct and lasting erection to occur.
  • Tobacco and alcohol Tobacco use and alcohol abuse have a direct effect on sexual potency. They must be avoided completely or at least to a reasonable degree to maintain vigor for much longer, suggests sex doctor in Delhi.
  • Rest. Rest is extremely important to maintain sexual activity. Tiredness reduces libido, so you have to sleep enough hours a day and try to lead a life as calm as possible. This does not mean that you do not have to have any activity, but that it should not be so exhausting as to diminish or eliminate desire, says sexologist in Delhi.
  • Physical activity. Sport helps improve testosterone levels, directly influence sexual potency. Sport in its right measure is a great ally to avoid impotence.
  • Stress. To prevent stress from being a cause of impotence you have to be balanced. Having responsibilities and fulfilling them is inevitable and necessary, but if they are too much or too heavy, the brain will prioritize and use the forces in these tasks, neglecting the sexual appetite.


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