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Posted by on January 5, 2020

Erectile Dysfunction and Cholesterol

Erectile dysfunction and cholesterol are closely related. There are two types of cholesterol, one good and one bad. The considered bad remains stuck in the walls of the veins and obstructs blood circulation causing erectile dysfunction.

How do I know if I have Erectile Dysfunction?

For an erection to occur, vascular and nervous mechanisms triggered by hormonal factors must be put in place. When the cavernous bodies of the penis fill with blood, the penis becomes erect, explains sexologist in Delhi.

The blood that floods these cavities comes from a series of veins and arteries that run around the circumference of the penis. In the event that these or others that are responsible for supplying them are clogged, the desired erection will not occur.

If sometimes you do not get a satisfactory erection it may be because you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. If cholesterol levels are high, the cause is most likely due to an obstruction in the veins and arteries of the body.

Before any of the following symptoms it will be necessary to seek advice from a specialized sexologist doctor in Delhi:

  1. Difficulty reaching the erection. Difficulty achieving an erection is one of the most common symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is not about whether it is finally obtained or not, but of the effort and time that it is necessary to invest until it is achieved.
  2. The erection is weaker or less rigid. If a decrease in the strength and duration of erections is noted, the first symptoms of dysfunction are likely to be suffered. Before it is too late you have to ask for help from the best sexologist in Delhi so that the problem does not increase.
  3. Spontaneous erections in the morning are less frequent. Morning erections are a natural system of the body to regenerate penile tissues. The relaxation that occurs in the muscles allows the entry of blood into the corpora cavernosa and erection. If morning erections do not occur as often as before, there is likely to be a vascular problem that is affecting blood flow. It is advisable to analyze and supervise a sex specialist doctor in Delhi to recommend the necessary preventive and corrective measures.
  4. Loss of erection with a change of posture. When arousal has occurred it is not normal to lose it until orgasm does not occur. If firmness is lost before finishing, for example when changing positions, it is advisable to see a sex specialist in Delhi.
  5. The climax is reached in less time with an incomplete erection. Another of the symptoms that can show that dysfunction is beginning is that the climax is reached before the full erection. This type of premature ejaculation may indicate that there is not enough blood to fill the entire corpora cavernosa.

The causes of erectile dysfunction

As we have seen, high cholesterol may be one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction. The obstructions of the walls of the blood vessels make it difficult for blood to enter the corpora cavernosa so that the desired erection does not occur.

Another cause similar to the previous one may be high blood pressure. When this disease is suffered, vasoconstriction occurs, which is a narrowing of the vessels. Blood does not flow freely and the corpora cavernosa receives neither the amount nor the blood pressure necessary for the desired erection to occur.

One more reason is the psychological causes. In 10 patients, 1 suffers from dysfunction for reasons related to his mind. Among the most common thoughts is fear of failure, anxiety, stress or nervousness. The best thing in these cases is to talk openly with a sex doctor in Delhi to assess the seriousness of the matter and diagnose the best treatment.

Drugs may be another reason why erection is not achieved. Some patients react in this way to the side effects of the medicines. This highlights the vital importance of not self-medicating, rather it is necessary to be guided by the prescriptions of a person empowered to do so, the best sex doctor in Delhi.

If the medications used have been prescribed by a top sexologist in Delhi and still, some type of dysfunction is suffered, it is necessary to return so that it can be estimated if it is possible to modify the treatment, which is possible in a large part of the cases.

Using drugs can lead to dysfunction in the present or the future since the effects are cumulative. They act negatively on the nervous system and affect libido and hormonal response to stimuli. The same can happen if alcohol is consumed in excess, it also affects the central nervous system and can be a trigger for erectile dysfunction.

Tobacco contains nicotine that acts as a vasoconstrictor of blood vessels. As with high blood pressure, the veins and arteries contract and do not allow proper blood flow through the body or the penis, causing dysfunction. They also destroy the vascular endothelium, responsible for decreasing the resistance of blood to circulate, among other things.

Those who suffer from diabetes may also experience dysfunction. The disease causes hardening of the walls of the arteries, which contract and do not dilate long enough to allow blood to flow satisfactorily.

Recommendations to combat erectile dysfunction

To reduce the chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction it is good to maintain sexual activity. Maintaining sex will keep the erection mechanism active for longer and improve self-esteem, suggests the best sexologist in South Delhi.

Physical exercise will improve blood circulation and cell regeneration, so it is a practice to exercise regularly. This also activates and regulates testosterone in man.

A good diet, based on healthy and balanced diets will prevent the accumulation of cholesterol and the vasoconstrictor effects of some foods that are not recommended. It is essential to eat enough vegetables and fruit for the cardiovascular system to function properly.

You have to get enough sleep and run away from stress so that our nervous system and brain chemical processes work properly. If they fail, there will be a radical decrease in libido and the result will be erectile dysfunction. Among these healthy habits is also not using drugs and not drinking alcohol excessively, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

Never use the medication without medical control. The side effects of some may affect the ability to achieve and maintain erections. In some cases, the damage can last a long time. That is why you should always go to a specialized sexologist in Delhi for any symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


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