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Posted by on January 10, 2023

Wrestling is definitely one of America’s well-loved sports. There are actually different kinds of wrestling: amateur, judo, jiu-jitsu, submission wrestling, sambo and old school pro-wrestling. Nowadays, watch wrestling online newbies or boots, as they are called, are seemingly more interested in learning the fancy holds instead of learning the basics of wrestling. Just like anything, it is important that one learns the fundamentals of this sport, so that he can build his wrestling foundation.

Actually, a newbie to wrestling should start with the 5 basic holds of submission wrestling. These positions include the following:

  • Head and Arm
  • Side Control
  • Mount
  • North and South
  • Guard

One can actually learn various escapes and submission techniques through these five different positions. Many wrestlers play the guard game, but there are some wrestlers like Mike the Machine, who often aim to escape and go for submission. In an MMA fight, he prefers the ground-and-pound-the-opponent route. Typically, if his opponent is on guard, he will attack with submissions. This technique is actually taken off Coach Tim Gillette’s PCS-5 style. PCS stands for Position, Control and Submission.

Too many boots are trying to learn as many kinds of holds as they can instead of learning the basics of wrestling and perfecting these basics. In truth, perfecting the 5 holds mentioned above will help greatly in any fight. These are easy to pull off and perfecting these holds will help one develop his craft more efficiently.

If you are interested in wrestling, it is important that you first learn positions before you actually learn submissions. Ironically, many people fancy themselves a fighter, but many of them do not know the basic holds. When they get on the mat, they end up flailing and losing. Watching wrestlers on TV does not equate to learning how to wrestle. Wrestling can be likened to a cat and mouse game. Wrestlers need to learn how to position themselves properly before they can pull off a great submission move.

In order to be a great wrestler, one has to possess all the skills of a good wrestler: stance, footwork, penetration step, lifting and lower back flexibility. One has to hone and enhance these skills first and learning holds and positions would be incredibly easy. Too many times, newbies make the mistake of trying or shooting for a double or single. They bend at the waist without even changing levels. They do not even employ penetration steps or any type of footwork that could help them pick up their opponent. They do not have any set up and they are careless in their strategies, often completely revealing their intent to their opponent.

Basically, if you would like to succeed in wwe raw live, it is important that you learn the basics of wrestling before you attempt learning complicated steps and holds.


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