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Posted by on October 22, 2020

Nowadays, you can earn by taking online surveys, but there are lucrative sites, and some are scammers. When choosing online survey websites, you should consider several factors, but the main one is eligibility. Check if the survey site is productive first, you will waste your time on non-productive sites.

Several websites are emerging nowadays, and you can use them to earn online. However, it would be best to handle the surveys because some survey sites are not reputable. In this article, you will learn about the most reputable sites for these surveys. The article acts as a guide to the legit side hustle of surveys that you can try:

  • You can use survey junkie ( the top-rated online survey company)

Among all the online sites for surveys, this is legitimate, and you can gain extra money through the site. The best thing about this site is that you will wake up to the good news of your transaction has been completed!

The site is free, and there are many options for signing up, i.e., using your email, Facebook, or Google plus. The site is not complex; hence you can easily access it and create a profile, among other amazing features. It’s a great online survey website for earning extra cash; hence it’s a suitable side hustle.

  • The inbox dollars website

The survey website has an amazing feature of giving away five dollars as a welcome bonus to visitors.  The site has a simple and fast sign up format. The site works on a great system, and it has a variety of surveys for users to choose from. The website works well, and you can earn a lot in a short while, especially if you fill surveys regularly.

  • You can use Swagbucks

The swag Bucks online survey website has amazing offers for new users like the $5 welcome bonus, and it’s a rewarding program. It allows users to earn points after searching for entertaining videos on the internet, shopping online, etc. It’s also easy to sign up for this amazing online survey website, and you will gain points while using the site.  On this website, you can find up to thousands of surveys in a day, and they are all well-paying!

  • LifePoints website

Among all the influential websites for online surveys, this is commonly used globally, and it’s easy to qualify for these surveys. That’s why many people love and consider using this site for online surveys. You can complete these surveys in a short time, even less than ten minutes, and this saves on time because time is money!

  • You can use branded surveys for online surveys

Using this platform, you can get paid for completing tasks and surveys using this user-friendly online survey platform.  Navigating this website is easy even for beginners; hence you don’t have to worry about how the system works. After signing up, you will be credited with up to fifty points in every survey; you can get up to ten to fifteen points.

There is a loyalty program on this website, and it has 3 levels, i.e., gold, silver, and bronze. As you move up these levels, you collect credits after finishing every task. The higher the levels you unlock, the higher the earnings!


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