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Posted by on March 10, 2021


In the internet world that we are, you can get anything done fast and free. With ease, you can convert your PDF files into Microsoft word or any other format you want to work with, then go ahead to save in whatever format too.

When you are involved in a lot of professional documentations, PDF is the best file format to work in. it helps to keep your document just the way you have structured it, irrespective of the device you are opening it on. However, there is a limitation to the use of PDF, which is that you can’t easily edit them. But there are ways you can go about them, and in this post, we list these methods.

  • First method

This is arguably the easiest way to convert your PDF to word document. You can do this on any device you have at hand, either a PC or a mobile phone. The first thing you need to do is to visit Upon loading the website, you should click on the “pdf to word” icon. Once you select the file you want to upload, simply click on “convert” and watch the magic happen. Once the conversion is done, you can then click on download to get the word format back to your phone. Then you can begin working on it.

  • Second method

This is for you if you have the Microsoft word app on your phone or on your desktop. You don’t need to convert the file separately. If it is a pdf file, the Microsoft Word app will try to load the document automatically. You will get a prompt for the conversion to take place. Once it does, you can then begin to work on the document. The downside to this is that there is most likely going to be a distortion of the formatting and layout of the document. Hence, you’ll need to spend more time rearranging content to how you want them. Though if the formatting is basic, it’s possible to avoid distortion.

  • Third method

Another method to conversion is through the use of Google docs. Once you open the Google drive app, you can choose the file you want to upload and open. Once the file is uploaded, proceed to looking for “Open with”. You can find this in the three dot menu on the top right. Once you upload and click on open, the file will get converted to an editable Google docs version. The Google docs makes this happen automatically. Then, you can edit, work on the document and save it as whatever format you’ll like to have it. It’s best to work with Google docs on desktop as the mobile phone’s screen are always too small to fit the whole functionalities of Google Docs.

Once you are ready to saye, you simply need to click on “save as”, and you will be able to save either as word document or as PDF.


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