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Posted by on June 23, 2019

Sex is an integral part of human life, especially in a married couple. If, some 100 years ago, people would not have come to complain about the quality of sex, then in our time are completely satisfied with their sexual life of the couple – rather an exception than a rule. All problems start with unsuccessful sex or because of lack of it. And not to sex in our complex technical and stressful time according to sexologist in Noida, Delhi, 20% to 20-year-old men, and 50% to 50-year-olds and further to growing, 76% of women of all ages complain about unsuccessful sex.

sexual dysfunction

Many tolerate this, not counting the lack of sexual desire, orgasm, premature or prolonged ejaculation, etc. phenomena is a problem. All the same, if doctors did not find direct dependence of sexual disorders with diseases of the internal organs and human nervous system. An ill person does not have sex …

Sexologists in Delhi are doctors who are called to solve all the questions related to sex. Sexual disorders (sexual dysfunction), they call problems sexual desire, sexual excitement, sexual orgasm and pain in sexual contact.

Violation of the sexual desire of a person can lead to even sexual anger.

According to sex doctor in Noida, Delhi, disturbances in sexual anxiety appear in men in the form of erectile dysfunction, and in women, reluctance to have sex even in the presence of sexual desire for a partner. With orgasmic disorders, difficulties arise with the achievement of orgasm and premature ejaculation in men.  Dyspareunia or vaginitis in women cause pain during sexual intercourse.

Sexual dysfunction can be caused both by biological and psychological reasons. Sexologist doctor in Noida, Delhi says there are more than 100! The causes of sexual disorders and emphasize that the establishment of normal sexual life is a matter for both partners, regardless of who is more dissatisfied.

The sexologist clinic in Noida, Delhi deals with the treatment of sexual disorders by a sex specialist in Noida, Delhi. He will conduct a thorough examination, collect the history, taking into account the complaints of each of the partners. Moreover, the conversation is conducted separately with each of them, since in most cases both a man and a woman differently perceive manifestations of sexual dysfunction, and the very difference in views may be the main cause of its occurrence.

In the case of the detection of physiological causes (diseases of the urinary-sexual system), the best sexologist in Noida, Delhi will appoint an effective treatment, while keeping the recovery process under control.

” Without desire, there is no love!” – says folk wisdom. So, if you want family life to bring joy and pleasure to you and your half to the fullest – take care of the quality of sex in your family. Sexual impairment is easy to treat if you contact a qualified sexologist in Noida in a timely manner.


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