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Posted by on June 29, 2019

A study in one American clinic showed that among more than 100 patients, 38% had certain erectile problems – erectile dysfunction. Among them 90% of men had erectile dysfunction associated with condom use. It is not paradoxical, but often erectile problems do not at all lead to a reduction in risk, but due to the refusal to use condoms. Thus, sexual dysfunction in men, if it is not treated by a sexologist in Delhi  and it does not receive advice on this issue, could lead to an increased risk of transmission of HIV.

Erectile Dysfunction

The fear of a condom

At problems with erection or sexual desire, as a whole, the first recommendation by a sexologist in Noida – a medical examination as may be the cause of various diseases and problems with health. However, some men have problems only when trying to put on a condom. If in other situations there are no problems, then the reason for the psychological perception of a condom.

Loss of erection when dressing a condom is a much more common problem than it is supposed to think. One explanation is that a man “switches” from strong emotions and emotions related to sex into more rational thoughts regarding safety and health threats. Condoms can cause discomfort and in many cases they are associated with infections and diseases, such a “reminder” can lead to physiological problems with erection, as according to the best sexologist in Noida: “The brain is the main genital organ.”

After this happens for the first time, many men begin to feel anxiety that will again lose their erection when using a condom, and this alarm really leads to erectile problems. Often this leads to a stable and categorical refusal to use condoms. Sexologist doctor in Noida warns that fear and shame before erectile dysfunction overcome the risks associated with unprotected sex. Some may even mistakenly consider their problem as a symptom of “impotence,” and carefully hide it from partners by inventing abuses for the use of prevention.

There are several approaches to this situation. It’s important to remember that condom sex is not an instinct – it’s a skill that only acquires with time. In such cases, it is usually advised by sex doctor in Noida to masturbate in a condom. A man is recommended alone and in an appropriate mood to try to achieve an erection and to wear a condom. A similar process of gradual addiction to a condom may take some time, require patience and relaxation skills. It is recommended by sex specialist in Noida to imagine sex in a condom with your partner. Gradually this will achieve the ability to keep an erection and ejaculate in a condom.

Another approach is to use a condom during a sexual prelude instead of “distracting” it by interrupting the contact. It is recommended by sexologist in Ghaziabad that the second partner wear a condom during the prelude, and after that I prefer to continue the prelude for a while without going to penetrating sex. It is also possible that the second partner dressed the condom with his mouth during oral cravings. If the erection disappears, you need to throw away a condom, try to relax and continue the caress, perhaps after trying again. It is important to remember that besides the penetration, there are many ways to express your sexuality. The more people think about showing their quality “macho”, the greater the risk that excess anxiety will lead to loss of erection, says the best sexologist in Ghaziabad.

Alternatives to erectile problems

If a person cannot keep an erection for a long time due to medical problems or through his age, the use of a condom is problematic. Although the condom remains the primary means of prevention, in this case, it is possible to search for alternatives. For example, a possible rejection of vaginal and anal sex, and the transition to oral sex, as a more secure practice. There are also ways to reduce the risk of oral sex, which allow, if not eliminated, to reduce the risk of transmission of various infections, explains sexologist in Faridabad.

If a person does not use condoms, regular screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, which also contribute to the transmission of HIV, is also important for reducing the risk, says the best sexologist in Faridabad.

Practically the ideal solution to condom problems with erectile dysfunction is the so-called “female condom”, although it is still little available. These condoms are made of polyurethane and are   installed in the vagina before sexual intercourse. Also, a female condom can be used for anal sex, for this just need to pull the inner ring that attaches to the cervix during vaginal sex.

It is important to add that sex is not just penetration. Man can receive sexual pleasure and without penetrating sex, the imagination of his need is nothing more than a cultural stereotype assimilated by a majority of people. And in any case, even with problems with the use of condoms, there are various options that can reduce or eliminate the risk, suggests sexologist doctor in Faridabad.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction

Regardless of the cause, sexual dysfunction is the cause of a decline in the quality of life and problems with the use of condoms – one of the many that it can lead to. In a similar situation, the most logical way out is treatment, to which there are several approaches.

Counselling is a possible approach to erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi, in the first place, in cases where the cause of sexual disorders is depression or anxiety.

An overview of the drugs taken and their side effects may also be useful. Many drugs, including medicines against high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression can lead to sexual problems. In the presence of problems with sexual function, the reason for which it is difficult to establish, it is necessary to first check the side effects of drugs, says sexologist in Gurgaon.

Viagra (Sildenafil) has become one of the most popular drugs in history. This medication helps men who have problems with the achievement of erection. However, Viagra has its contraindications and is not compatible with all medications. There are suspicions about the possible incompatibility of Viagra with antiretroviral drugs. Therefore, before using the medications to stimulate erection, you should always consult a sexologist doctor in Gurgaon.

According to the best sexologist in Gurgaon, testosterone hormone is closely related to sexual dysfunction. In HIV-positive men, the average testosterone level is lower, which leads to a greater spread of sexual dysfunction among people with HIV. There are various types of testosterone substitution therapy at a lowered level of this hormone: in the form of injections, patches and gels. Especially since the lowered level of testosterone causes other effects, for example, loss of muscle mass. The level of testosterone is determined by a special blood test, HIV-positive people are encouraged to do this regularly.

The use of alcohol and drugs is known to have a negative impact on sexual activity. To a much greater extent, erectile problems are associated with smoking. If a person regularly drinks, smokes or takes drugs, treatment for dependence or reduced use may be the best approach to sexual dysfunction, suggests the best sexologist in Delhi.


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