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Posted by on November 19, 2018

Hair style is no different to girls: increasing their values ​​and improving their temperament. If you want to increase the value of the face, then you must first be thin, thin and tall girls, of course, the temperament will come out, which hairstyles can be thin and beautiful?

The natural long hair is the most temperamental hairstyle. It has not been straightened, but replaced with a natural natural feeling. The effect of modifying the face is more prominent. The long straight hair is not suitable for round face girls.


Partial short hair buckle, the highlight is the fluffy feeling at the end of the hair, and this strong sense of air makes the face particularly small, and inadvertently greatly enhance your temperament.

S-shaped long curly hair with air bangs is much larger than straight hair to modify the face shape, and the fashion sense is strong, the age-reducing effect is also good, such a girl is fresh and sweet, gentle and perfect.

The brown valgus short hair is a short temperament, not only slim but also very tasteful. It is called “beautiful beauty” and is favored by women in the workplace.

The lazy ball head is very suitable for girls like Tan Songyun. Not only does it look more cute, but also has some pure temperament and successful slimming.

Qi Liuhai students’ short hair is also quite thin, but the effect is slightly worse than the curly hair. If you like this kind of campus style girl and want to be thin, this will not let you down.

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