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A little background about our website

We welcome to our Himalayan Salt Lamp Store. If you are one who is crazy about Himalayan Salt Lamp as well as wants to explore the beauty of it then you are in the right place. Trust us, you will love our website. So, we keep salt lamps at our office or home specifically by seeing its beauty. That is how great it looks like a home decor item. But do you know what are the health benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamps? Well, it has various health benefits.

What makes us different?

We provide authentic as well as 100% premium quality Himalayan Salt Lamps. These salt lamps specifically come from the Khewra mine that is in the foothills of the Himalayan region. We use rich pink coloured Himalayan salt in the salt lamps. The salt is rich in minerals and is in the crystalline form. When you switch on the bulb of the salt lamp, it starts to produce heat. This natural heat starts to generate negative Ions. Negative Ions helps to clean the entire atmosphere of the room. This is the speciality of our salt lamps.
Why do you need to choose us?
Now, you just need to know that there are many sellers in the market who sell duplicate Himalayan Salt Lamps. This is one of the trickiest tasks for most of the people out there. This is because it's really difficult to identify the quality. Not all the sellers will offer as well as claim the perfect quality salt lamps. And this is where we are ahead of others. Guaranteed The salt lamps that we sell are 100% original that is imported from the world famous Himalayan Salt mine which is in Pakistan. The name of the salt mine is Khewra Salt Mine. Colour Range We sell salt lamps that have various colour ranges such as pink, dark pink, reddish hue, light orange as well as rich orange. To make the salt lamps, we make use of all the natural raw materials preferably wood. The screws of the base are made up of quality stainless steel.

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