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Nowadays the salt lamps are pretty popular in the wellness and décor space. The salt lamps produced from the big hunks of Himalayan salt crystals are said to have a lot of health benefits. Health benefits like increasing blood flow, improving the quality of sleep and it is even said that these lamps help in easing the symptoms of allergies or asthma. While the salt lamp has all such benefits, the problem is it could possibly jeopardize your pets and children’s life.

Now you might be wondering how is it possible for something with so many health benefits to cause dangers for pets and children. Allow me to answer your question by giving a simple explanation.


If you are an informed cat or dog owner then you might already know that too much salt is poisonous for them. Salt poisoning in your dog or cat can cause severe symptoms, like vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and in some cases death. Now don’t think that dogs and cats do not need salt at all, they need in moderation, to keep their bodies working. However, the maximum daily dose of salt for a cat is 16.7 mg and for a healthy dog, it is 100mg.


Well, the salt lamp does not cause too much problem to the dogs because a dog would not jump up to a table to lick the lamp but the problem arises with cats. Salt lamps are usually placed in the areas where cats can reach it. A lot of previous users of the salt lamp have found their cats licking the lamp, and there is a high possibility that your might ingest more than a daily dose of sodium through licking the salt from the lamp.


A salt lamp can cause a significant danger to babies and young children too if you place it in the areas accessible to them. Your children might probably not lick the lamp, but you can never tell what young children do behind your back. If your children eat too much salt, then it can lead to gastric issues and in some rare cases, it can even lead to seizers in infants and young kids.


If you have any pets who are very curious about new objects in the house, then it is best to position your salt lamp in the areas where your children and pets can’t reach it.