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Posted by on September 25, 2018

Stepping into the new year, many trends will have new changes, but the short-haired boom is not retreating, there are still a lot of sisters like, today take everyone to see the short hair style of girls who will still be popular in 2017, have not changed The short-haired girl hurry to see.

short hair is still popular in 2018

short hair
Although short hair is short in length, it has changed a lot. Through the different design cuts, the overall temperament charm is completely different. Let’s take a look at the popular short hair of girls in 2018.

Fresh female short hair is still popular in 2018

The bangs inside buckles cover the forehead, and the small curls on both sides create a nice little face. The fluffy perm design makes the short hair abundance and makes the girl’s short hair look super temperament.

The two-eighth oblique bangs and eyebrows are used to modify the face shape. The short straight hair and tail hairs are designed to add a sense of style and personality. The overall feeling is fresh and lovely, giving people a feeling of super cuteness.

The same length, different bangs design makes the short hair feel no need. The short straight hair level design is more neat and versatile, while the micro-volume short hair gives people a more mature charm.

The inner hairpin wave short hair uses an asymmetrical design to modify the face shape, and the hair color matching the skin color is perfect. It is fashionable and not complicated, and it is easy to take care of. The key is good-looking.

The slanted bangs of the eye and the horny hair wigs uk combine to modify the face shape, and the short hair level trimming allows the head to be shaped to make the overall shape look perfect.

The micro-volume oblique bangs make the short and medium-sized look look more cute and playful, the straight hair of the buckle adds sweetness, and then the chocolate color dyes the hair to enhance the fashion, so that the short hair is not only fresh and cute but also fashionable.

The fluffy and messy short curly hair has a unique personality, which can attract eyeballs in an instant, but it is a little more troublesome in terms of care, and the lazy star is carefully selected.

Short straight hair styling with bangs and two sides of the hair to modify the small face, looks very simple, mainly to see the gray real hair wigs dye to enhance the fashion sense and personality charm, so I want to have a short hair more personality is very simple, is to change the hair color .

With so many short hair styles, is there any suitable for you? If you have any, just try it.

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