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Posted by on May 5, 2019

Talking about erectile dysfunction today is still a taboo subject for many, and this is only a product of misinformation about it, managing to intensify prejudices in both men and women, and this is because men and women can be affected or not when this situation is present in your relationship.


Sometimes erectile dysfunction or problems of male erection are associated with lack of sexual desire, but this is not always the case, says sexologist in Delhi. Many men who have an erection problem is not necessarily the result of a lack of libido, it can also be due to physiological problems and even because of the intense desire towards the person for whom they are attracted.

Erectile dysfunction affects in one way or another the sexual health of men and their relationships as they cannot reach full satisfaction, due to the inability to maintain an erection. Now, if instead of looking at it as a problem, fear is left aside and acted upon, many would be the ways of shoveling this situation that affects the man in his sexual life, suggests the best sexologist in Delhi.

Do you have problems with your erection during the sexual act and you do not know the reasons?

Many are the causes that can produce the absence of a constant erection during the sexual act that allows reaching orgasm producing full satisfaction in the parties involved.

Sexologist doctor in Delhi indicates that this can occur as a result of vascular, neurological, psychological, hormonal disorders, or even by the same chemicals that are ingested in medicines, processed foods, among others.

According to sex specialist in Delhi, this condition does not classify a disease, however, if it can be determined as a pathology that physically and emotionally affects man. Let’s see some of them:

  • Hypertension: when the blood pressure is very high, the blood is expelled with greater force from the heart and travels more quickly the body, which prevents it from reaching and staying in the penis to cause an erection.
  • Diabetes: it leads the man to be more prone to suffer erectile dysfunction since they are more exposed to an arterial injury, neurological injury and hormonal alteration, the latter being responsible for the decrease of testosterone, fading the libido and producing alterations in the functioning of the penis.
  • High cholesterol: being a fat that accumulates in the walls of the arteries can clog and damage them. In that sense the blood can never reach the penis (or there will be little, not enough) to produce the erection before the stimulus for it.
  • Consumption of medications: some medications cause erectile dysfunction in the consumer, such as antihypertensives, antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, antipsychotics, anxiolytics, opioid analgesics, steroid hormones and antineoplastics.
  • Psychological causes: external circumstances can proportionally affect the proper erection in men to carry the sexual act to a happy conclusion. These circumstances can be as a result of stress, anxiety, worries and even as we already warned initially by the fear of not satisfying the couple without detracting from the intense sexual desire felt towards her.

Have you already identified the cause that causes your erectile dysfunction? Get the right treatment

When a man begins to experience a change in the quality of his erection, he tends to experience insecurity in himself as a consequence of not understanding what is happening to him and the fear of failing, distancing him from the adequate and perfect erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi for him, according to his case. In turn, affects proportionally to the person with whom you have an affective relationship because the message that seems to send to it is the absence of desire, says top sexologist in Delhi.

The first thing to do in these cases is to put aside the taboo and discuss it, either with the couple, or seeking medical help from sex specialist doctor in Delhi, this way you can identify the cause that causes erectile dysfunction and apply the appropriate treatment for erectile dysfunction in Delhi.

If the reasons that cause erectile dysfunction are due to physiological causes, it begins to be noticed in morning erections. If, on the contrary, they are a consequence of external or psychological circumstances, then impotence will exist for the duration of it, says the best sex doctor in Delhi.

However, none of the causes that produce it should be underestimated, since in one way or another they affect the psyche of man. The best way to prevent either of the two assumptions is to change the lifestyle that negatively affects health.

Sport and a healthy and balanced diet can not only prevent erectile dysfunction in men, but also help in the appropriate erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi when you have it, with psychological support, if necessary and pharmacological treatments and in extreme cases the interventions surgical as appropriate.

The recommendations of the sex doctor in Delhi can never be absent, this will avoid problems of tension, diabetes and blood cholesterol, since most of the time when you have difficulty getting an erection you are in the presence of an undiscovered disease. The really important thing is that erectile dysfunction has treatment, you should not be afraid to talk about it with sexologist in Delhi, you have to put aside prejudices and move towards the enjoyment of a sexual health that is a complement to life.


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