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Posted by on May 2, 2019

Current awareness about sexuality and awareness about the arrest of sexual dysfunction

sexual dysfunctions

Every day the sexual activity among human beings is more frequent, this given the prejudices that society itself has been extirpating according to the different practices and ways of enjoying their sexuality.

This is how some unconventional sex practices have been naturalized that allow increasing the libido and always carried out within the framework of respect and consensus of the parties, so that in one way or another has revealed the true individual sensations of being a human being making them more aware of their sexuality.

However, sometimes the deliberate practices of sexual relations threaten health, which leads to some problems that culminate in sexual dysfunction. It is thought that this only happens in men and nothing is further from the reality as women also experience it, says sexologist in Delhi.

Interpersonal relationships, stress, lack of adequate nutrition and lack of physical activity promote sexual dysfunction in both men and women, not always confined to physiological causes per se. Hence the importance of staying informed whenever it allows to prevent or treat sexual dysfunction that is nothing other than the difficulty or impediment that a person (either male or female) can have to feel physical pleasure, desire, excitement or reach an orgasm, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

While men are affected mainly in terms of their virility or inability to have sex and an erection, in women it is sexual desire, inability to have orgasms, arousal disorders, among others. This can affect the woman to the point of making her thoughts and sexual fantasies disappear and stop having them towards her partner, says top sexologist in Delhi.

General causes of sexual dysfunction in men and women

Sexual dysfunction, as we indicated, is not limited to the inability to maintain an erection or the absence of libido, but other factors that significantly affect the lives of men and women who suffer from it, says sex specialist in Delhi.

These general causes of dysfunction in men and women usually tend to be a consequence of the combination of physical and psychic factors.

Causes at the physical level

They are the product of the problems and inconveniences that affect the organism as a result of diseases in the genitals, alteration of the metabolism by virtue of the hormonal changes, abnormalities in the cardiovascular system, the excessive intake of alcoholic beverages and other narcotic or psychotropic substances, without a place to doubts they lead to suffering from sexual dysfunction says sex doctor in Delhi.

Causes at the Psychological level:

Those that occur in the psyche affecting the emotions and the mental state of people, produced by stress, anxiety, insecurity with their body or sexual performance, cultural education, prejudices, phobias, and any negative emotion that may affect the individual and their sex life.

External / social causes: 

Directly linked interpersonal relationships, where physical and psychological causes synergistically occur in pairs as a result of constant fights, domination, and submission, routine in sexual activity, decided, monotony in general, becoming a trigger of a dysfunctional sexually, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Indicators that allow the determination of female sexual dysfunction

In the case of women, they are affected more than anything at the psychological level and this, in turn, leads to suffering from problems at the physical level, reaching such a point of noticing a drastic change in the sexual behavior of the woman. Some factors that may occur in women to determine if they are in the presence of sexual dysfunction are:

  • Lack of excitement or sexual desire: this may be due to the absence of erotic thoughts or sexual fantasies. Little or no sexual activity; no manifestation of any emotion before the sexual invitations or provocations of the couple, among others.
  • Persistence of genital-pelvic pain: externalizes as a result of the intense pain experienced during penetration. Also stress and anxiety before, during or after intercourse. As well as the tension in the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Consumption of drugs: the absence of sexual desire, in this case, is not a product of the psyche or something physical but arises from a chemical element that generates a decrease in libido in the female body.

Possible consequences and/or problems in men after having sexual dysfunction

Mainly, sexual dysfunction in men leads to problems related to their reproductive organ. For this reason, it can be established that this problem is defined as that man with the inability to perform, maintain and/or complete a sexual act, says the best sexologist doctor in Delhi.

So, more specifically, it can be said that the possible causes and consequences of sexual dysfunction in men are:

  • Erectile dysfunction: widely known as impotence, is that state or inability that man has to get and/or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. A problem that is quite common in men over 40 years of age. The possible causes of suffering from this disease can be neurological, endocrinological, vascular, renal, psychic, hematological, drugs, among others, says the best sexologist in India.
  • Dyspareunia or coitalgia: This is nothing more than simply pain when having sex, it can affect both men and women. This can lead to a fear of having sex and even becoming a phobia.
  • Premature ejaculation: A physical-psychological problem quite common in men. Those who suffer from premature ejaculation have very little control over their ejaculation, which can be a problem for a man’s sex life.
  • Delayed ejaculation: It is wrongly thought that the man who achieves an erection but finds it almost impossible to ejaculate is positive because they manage to produce greater orgasms in women. However, it can cause the man to feel impatient and feel desperate when reaching orgasm and trigger sexual dysfunction.

Existing treatments against sexual dysfunction for men and women

Although there are different sex treatment in Delhi that exist today, each woman and man are different in all aspects. For some, the most advisable is a treatment with psychotherapy, while in others it is not the most appropriate.

Hence, the first thing to do is a diagnosis in order to determine the causes of that sexual condition, and thus choose the treatment that suits, says sexologist in India.

Thus the things some treatments to treat the sexual dysfunction of men and women are:

  • Treatment with psychotherapy: identification of socio-cultural factors, information, and formation of morphology and other aspects of the body related to sexuality, in order to eradicate prejudices if any and educate in self-knowledge. It also usually addresses the various circumstances or problems that the person presents during the different phases of sexual contact thanks to techniques of behavior modification that leads him to experience the fullness of sexual life.
  • Supply of oral or intravenous medications in men to improve circulation and therefore improve the blood flow of the penis. In women they can be oral like the pills, used to regulate the production of hormones or some hormonal imbalance that it has.
  • For women who suffer from pain during intercourse, according to their system and previous studies, they are prescribed lubricants, analgesics and other products that facilitate sexual intercourse or significantly reduce their pain when penetrated. Clitoral stimulation through masturbation facilitates orgasms.

Modifying eating habits and including physical activity help oxygenate the mind by decreasing levels of stress and anxiety as well as providing energy to the body, increasing libido and sexual appetite.


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