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Posted by on August 14, 2019

Include some foods within the daily diet favor sexual performance

Around the world there is a wide variety of foods that help improve sexual performance in both men and women. Some better than others and others, some well known by many and others not so much.

foods for sex

According to sexologist in Delhi, there is a series of foods that provide vitamins and substances necessary to improve and increase sexual performance. In fact, simple changes in the food you eat can make a difference.

Sexual performance can be benefited to the extent that you include in the daily diet some foods that allow you to provide your body with the nutrients and vitamins they need to have an optimal health state, improving circulation and energy of your body, suggests the best sexologist in Delhi.

As long as you consume foods rich in vitamins, you will help the arteries do not atrophy, you will produce sperm of better quality, your stamina levels will increase and the best of all, increase in sexual performance, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Know 3 foods that will really help your sexual performance


Nowadays we know that the chili when ingested causes changes in the body and mainly that the brain releases endorphin, which is the hormone responsible for emotions and pleasure; this is done by the compound that has called capsaicin.

Of course, each person has a different susceptibility and range of acceptance of spicy food, while some work for the taste they feel towards this type of food, others simply will not have a pleasant experience. Are you a lover of spicy food? It is time to improve sexual performance with chili and its variants.

According to top sexologist in Delhi, consuming chili has a series of benefits for the biochemistry of the body and sexual performance that a person can have, in this way, Chile offers:

  • In addition to food uses, chili has the peculiarity of increasing libido.
  • Consuming spicy makes you begin to sweat, your heart beat faster, blood vessels open, thus increasing circulation in the body, which is great news for men and their penis.
  • Capsaicin stimulates the cardiovascular system and at the same time causes your brain to release endorphins.
  • It significantly increases testosterone levels in men, which leads to their sexual desire increasing equally.
  • The effect of chili on women causes their sexual impulses to increase considerably and their intimate parts to have a feeling of excitement.


The seafood consumption implies that your ZINC levels increase and along with it, that your sexual desire has a remarkable rise. In addition, those men who consume tend to produce much more sperm and even these marine foods will give an extra boost to your blood supply, improving it and giving it better blood circulation, says sex specialist in Delhi.

As if that were not enough, the whole variety of seafood can provide you with remarkable benefits in sexual performance, of course some will have a much greater impact than others. In this way, we can tell you that the most aphrodisiac marine food known today are raw oysters, followed by lobsters, followed by mussels and finally; shrimp and oysters, suggests sex doctor in Delhi.

So, seafood consumption offers you:

  • They provide energy and strengthen the libido.
  • Its impact on adolescent sexual development is positive.
  • It contributes to the production of sperm.
  • Improves blood flow in both women and men; specifically in their erogenous zones.
  • For women, consuming seafood and foods rich in OMEGA 3 gives you much more chance of getting pregnant. This is thanks to the improvement that is obtained in sexual life and performance during the sexual act.


Factors such as stress, anxiety and depression are the main causes of the man mainly suffering from sexual impotence or that in one way or another, his sexual performance is affected. A food that can and has the capacity to increase the energy of the body and that reduces the factors already mentioned is the GINGSENG, says the best sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Consuming this peculiar food implies strengthening the organism and that its susceptibility to these factors is as minimal as possible, explains sex specialist doctor in Delhi. Also, the consumption of GINGSENG favors blood circulation and, for effects in men, promotes erections and helps to reduce erectile dysfunction.

Consuming GINGSENG implies:

  • The red GINGSENG allows the man to have an erection in more than 40% of its possibilities.
  • Ideal food to fight against impotence, erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.
  • The red GINGSENG has the best properties and you get better results in sexual performance.
  • The consumption of the GINGSENG root prevents the body from feeling fatigue and stress.
  • Encourages the development and restoration of sexual potency.
  • This plant fulfills two important functions for every man; it increases the erection and helps keep it last longer. On the other hand, it also positively affects the quality of the semen and its displacement in the uterus.

Through the web you will find a giant list of foods that help sexual performance, in our case, the best sexologist in Delhi decided to go for three and provide you with concise and helpful information that will help you to become better in the sexual act and thus achieve your satisfaction partner.


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