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Posted by on August 22, 2019

The erectile dysfunction occurs when you have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. It can be a symptom of chronic diseases such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia or diabetes. Having good sexual health is essential to achieve a good quality of life. However, almost 40% of the Indian male population could have some type of sexual dysfunction.

troublesome sexual life

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to get and maintain an erection sufficient to have sex, for a minimum period of six months.

How many men does Erectile Dysfunction affect?

Erectile dysfunction affects approximately 20% of Indian men older than 18 years and more than 50% of men over 50 years.

What is an erection?

The erection is a reflex that occurs in response to an erotic stimulus. This reflex is regulated by the central and peripheral nervous system, and increases the amount of blood that reaches the penis. In that way, the penis fills with blood and an erection occurs.

Thus, as sexologist in Delhi states that this response is only maintained while the erotic stimulus persists, if for some reason it stops being interested in the sexual situation it is very possible that the erection disappears.

On the other hand, for the erection to occur it is necessary that there are normal levels of testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that regulates, among many other actions, sexual desire and erection. When there is a decrease in the level of this hormone, sexual desire decreases a lot and it is difficult to get an erection, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

The reflex of the erection also depends on the normal functioning of the peripheral nervous system and the circulatory system. Therefore, diseases that affect nerve conduction such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, alcoholism, or the health of the heart or arteries such as obesity or arteriosclerosis, will cause that, although we have desire, the blood supply to the penis is insufficient and an erection does not occur, says top sexologist in Delhi.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are seven main causes that increase the risk of having erection problems.

Psychological causes Disorders such as anxiety, depression and even stress can affect sexuality. Excessive concern for problems of a couple, work or family, implies that the necessary attention is not devoted to the sexual act. Fatigue, lack of appetite, lack of exercise, insomnia or failure can also affect sexual reflexes, explains sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Vascular causes The artery that brings blood to the penis is subject to the same vascular risk factors as any other vessel in the body. So the most common causes of vascular impotence are: diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol, smoking and cardiovascular disease. Surgery in the prostate, bladder or rectum, or radiotherapy on the pelvic area, can also injure these vessels and cause erection problems, says sex specialist in Delhi.

Pharmacological causes There are several medications that have as a side effect the decrease in the ability to have an erection. Among them are some drugs to treat hypertension, heart disease and psychiatric disorders, states sex specialist doctor in Delhi.

Neurological causes Erectile dysfunction of neurological origin occurs when there is a problem in the transmission of orders that the brain sends to the penis through the spinal cord. This happens in spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, kidney failure or in surgical operations of the pelvis. But it is also caused by chronic kidney failure, says sex doctor in Delhi.

Hormonal causes Hormonal imbalances such as testosterone deficiency, a high level of prolactin and an abnormal level of thyroid hormone, can cause erectile dysfunction.

Anatomical or structural causes. Abnormalities of the male genitalia (hypospadias or epispadias), micropenis, congenital curvature of the penis, Peyronie’s disease.

Traumatic causes Like the fracture of the penis.


Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction

When there is an erection problem, the most important thing is to understand the cause that produces it. If you have had erectile dysfunction for more than six months, you should consult with the best sex doctor in Delhi.

Clinic history. To detect the cause, it is necessary to know when the erection and sexual desire problems have started, if there are injuries that can cause the dysfunction and any recent change of physical or emotional character in the life of the patient. It is also important to know the medication that is taken, says sexologist in East Delhi.

Aspects to consider:

  • Age. Before age 50, erectile dysfunction of psychological origin is more frequent.
  • Allergies to medicines.
  • Toxic habits. Smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Weight. The higher the Body Mass Index (BMI) and perimeter, the more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  • Work history. Spend many hours sitting and have a sedentary life.
  • Medical history. Have cardiovascular, endocrine, neurological and / or hormonal disorders.
  • Surgical background. A surgery or radiotherapy in the pelvic area.
  • Pharmacological treatment. The medication for high blood pressure, psychotropic drugs or drugs for the treatment of prostate cancer or prostate hyperplasia.
  • Start and course of dysfunction. If the dysfunction is sudden and episodic, it is usually related to a psychological origin; if it is insidious and constant, it can be of physical origin. The presence of nocturnal, morning or certain situations of normal stiffness precludes the origin being organic.
  • Gravity. Use of a questionnaire (IIEF-5 or EHS, for example).
  • Sexual sphere. In many cases the problems of erection cause a decrease in libido or alterations of ejaculation. The opposite can also happen, decreased desire or premature ejaculation can trigger erectile dysfunction. Thus, the time sequence of the appearance of problems is very important.

Symptom questionnaire. The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is based on a questionnaire that the patient completes with the doctor.

Physical exploration. The evaluation may include a physical examination and an analytical test to determine the level of testosterone in the blood. According to the results, the sexologist in South Delhi can also request analysis of other hormones, cholesterol or sugar, and tests to determine the function of the liver, kidneys and thyroid. Although not common, some patients require special tests to check neurological function, blood vessels and circulation.
Erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi

Non-Pharmacological Treatment

In cases in which there is an erection problem of vascular origin, it is important to treat the risk factors that produce it: smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and / or inadequate nutrition.

It is proven that losing weight through a healthy and balanced diet, as well as the practice of regular physical exercise, can improve sexual function.

On the other hand, one of the most determining factors that produces arterial damage is tobacco. Quitting smoking is basic when limiting vascular damage because it allows to obtain better results over time with the other treatments.

Pharmacological Treatment

Treatment with IPDE-5 is essential for impotence treatment in Delhi, as they are effective, safe drugs and allow the normalization of erection in almost 80% of patients.

Most men who have difficulty maintaining an erection receive oral medication. These drugs improve the dilation of the penile artery and the blood flow that reaches the penis when there is sexual desire. The main drugs are the inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5 (IPDE-5).

At present there are four drugs marketed in India: sildenafil, vardenafil, tadalafil and avanafil .

  • There are differences in the speed of action and the duration of the effect of the drugs. It is important to know the needs and preferences of patients in order to adapt and personalize the treatment.
  • Despite being very effective drugs, in some cases they may not have enough power. In that case, it is important to verify that the drug is used correctly. Many times the failure of the treatment is due to the abandonment of it.
  • Drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi is effective and safe. Regarding side effects, the most frequent are headache, heartburn, facial flushing and muscle pain.
  • It is false that this type of drugs increases the probability of presenting cardiac problems or sudden death, a fact that has been demonstrated in numerous studies.


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