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Posted by on March 8, 2020

The sexual act is great and offers pleasure until it becomes difficult and there are many obstacles. When something doesn’t work, it’s easy to blame the couple’s misunderstandings. However … if the body is trying to send a message?

The sexual life of a man could be influenced by the medical conditions of a person, says sexologist in Delhi.

Lack of interest

Cause: Low testosterone

A lot of causes can lead to low sexual desire: stress at work, lack of emotional involvement, sleep deprivation. But what if all these things are not valid and the sex life seems rather boring? In this case, it could be a hormonal dysfunction. Testosterone is the most important metabolic hormone for men. If its level is low, there is a risk of osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and premature death. And the main manifestation will be the low libido.

What to do: It is advisable to measure testosterone levels by a simple blood test, which will be harvested before 10 am when the highest testosterone levels are reached. If, however, it is low, a visit to a sexologist doctor in Delhi will be required who will recommend the appropriate low sex desire treatment in Delhi it will contain, especially testosterone supplements.

The lack of sexual interest is accompanied by a state of inadequacy

Cause: Depression or the effect of drug treatment for depression

Losing interest in sex life could be a classic sign of clinical depression. However, treatment for depression can have the same side effects. Antidepressant medicines inhibit sexual desire in many men and women and can even cause anorgasmia.

What to do: If depression has not been diagnosed yet, however, sadness may occur (along with low libido and other manifestations of depression) should all these symptoms be referred to the best sexologist in Delhi. Clinical depression could be treated through medication-associated psychotherapy. If a person is undergoing antidepressant treatment, he or she should ask the doctor for advice on moving to another class of medication that has fewer sexual side effects. Also, if a person’s treatment involves the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, they should ask their sex doctor in Delhi for their temporary discontinuation (some doctors approve giving up these drugs for a day or two to allow libido to return to normal). However, treatment will not be discontinued without the specialist’s opinion.

Increasingly, the erection is difficult to maintain

Cause: A cardiovascular problem

Many of the relatively healthy male with a weight close to the upper limit begins to accuse the presence of erectile dysfunction. Two-thirds of the men who suffered heart attacks initially showed erectile dysfunction, which preceded angina, at least 3 years. Increasingly, men are diagnosed with problems that involve reduced blood flow, which increases the chance of cardiovascular disease.

What to do: Cholesterol levels will be checked. It is abnormal in 75% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Due to the high values, not only will the sexual life be affected, but the vascular health will suffer. Before things get worse, physical activity needs to be stepped up and weight loss.

Erection is no longer possible

Suddenly, an erection is no longer possible, although shortly after this impediment there is no

Cause: A blocked artery, especially if the pain mysteriously appears in one of the legs.

Occasionally, an erection is difficult to achieve if the level of natural hormones decreases due to the age of men and the changing experiences in relationships. However, when erectile dysfunction suddenly occurs, one of the unusual but worrisome causes is occlusive aortoiliac disease or Leriche syndrome, a narrowing of the heart artery that can cause a blockage.

Distinctive signs of Leriche syndrome are erectile disorders that occur suddenly, accompanied by foot pain (especially in the leg) or buttock especially during walking or walking. People suffering from diseases of the nervous system ( Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes ) have a higher risk of developing this disease (as do smokers and those with high blood pressure).

What to do: The top sexologist in Delhi will communicate the presence of this unusual combination of symptoms for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Penis pains during sexual intercourse

Cause: Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a less common condition that can develop at any age. It basically involves the formation of abnormal scar tissue under the skin of the penis, which can cause a hard surface in the middle of the sexual organ, or that easily causes bending of the penis when it is erect. At first, you just notice a constant discomfort and then pain during sexual intercourse.

What to do: Pain should always be considered a bad sign and you should consult your sexologist in East Delhi. The cause of Peyronie’s disease is unknown, but it is not a sexually transmitted disease or cancer. The chances of developing this condition increase if it has been present in other family members as well. There is no safe treatment, although the surgery is successful, most of the time.

Testicular swelling

Cause: Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is asymptomatic, not painful. Most often, it presents as a painless swelling or knot that can be detected by palpation, self-examination or by the hands of a partner during sexual intercourse.

What to do: Testicular cancer has a cure rate of 100% if detected in its early stages. So, suspicious formations will not be ignored and reported to the sexologist in South Delhi. The best time for self-examination is in the standing position, during the shower when the muscles are relaxed.

Premature ejaculation

Cause: Hyperthyroidism

Premature ejaculation reaches its climax either before intercourse or shortly after it begins. It is mainly found among young men but it can affect male persons of any age. One in three men experiences premature ejaculation in their lives. Psychological problems are considered the causes in most cases (too much arousal, lack of sexual experience, etc.) but sexologists in Delhi know that the main cause is thyroid dysfunction, the gland responsible for the production and storage of key hormones. For some men, the only symptom of hyperthyroidism is premature ejaculation.

What can be done: Although many men find it difficult to talk about premature ejaculation, it is treatable. If following blood tests and other investigations, hyperthyroidism is diagnosed, with the help of proper medication and treatment, sex life can return to normal. If the thyroid is functioning properly, several techniques can be used to treat premature ejaculation which will include: breathing exercises, distraction, use of a condom to decrease penile sensitivity and behavioral psychotherapy. Medicines that are in the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors may be prescribed in healthy people who do not suffer from hyperthyroidism, as they may contribute to a prolonged erection.

Pain after ejaculation

Cause: Muscle spasms or prostatitis

In women, there is a condition known as vulvodynia, a mysterious chronic pain of the vulva (around the vaginal opening). Penis pain after orgasm is considered to be the male equivalent of vulvodynia. The latest findings in the field specify that these are some kind of nervous disorders, although it has not yet been possible to determine precisely whether they are a response to an infection, a type of trauma or something else. This pain is most common in young men, during periods of acute stress.

Another possible cause for painful ejaculation is prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate, a gland located below the rectum.

What to do: Dysorgasmia (pain in the type of orgasm) is difficult to treat. Some people choose to endure the discomfort while others work with the specialist doctor (usually a sexologist in Delhi) to try different treatments.

Ejaculation without removal of sperm fluid or retrograde ejaculation

Cause: Prostate dysfunction

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in which semen reaches the bladder and is not eliminated through the penis. Alpha-blockers, such as tamsulosin, used to treat the urinary disorders of men with an enlarged prostate, are a common problem. Sometimes, people with diabetes can experience this condition because of nerve damage.

What to do: Nothing, except when the phenomenon becomes disturbing. Most men don’t care, but others take action. For example, in the case of a couple wishing to conceive a child, drug treatment may be instituted or various assisted reproduction techniques applied to remedy the situation.

Inability to reach orgasm

Cause: diabetes, prediabetes or overweight.

Nine out of ten men suffer from anorgasmia, and the main cause is psychological (performance anxiety triggered by various causes from stress to history that includes sexual abuse in childhood), but in the remaining 10% of cases it may be a problem. The sensory sensation of the penis, most often caused by nerve damage due to diabetes. In the case of patients with diabetes, other indications appear the sensation of numbness of the feet, thirst, itching of the skin, excessive urination, fatigue – although these may not be related to the problems of sexual performance (which may include the inability to reach orgasm).

Also, studies have shown that including overweight or obesity could be a medical cause of erectile dysfunction and low libido. And obviously, this can be a psychological barrier that could imply diminishing self-respect.

What to do: The advice of sexologist in Delhi should be sought regarding the recommendation of some drugs for the treatment of anorgasmia, such as viagra but Cialis. However, the sexologist in Delhi should know if the patient suffers from diabetes, as diabetics often suffer from heart problems, and these drugs have a number of contraindications. People want to solve their sexual problems with a pill, but this will not solve other deeper problems. Sometimes the best solutions involve stress management, weight loss and treating health problems that could underlie an orgasm.


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