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Symptoms of Low Testosterone – Can Herbal Pills Reverse?

testosterone levels

Either your wife or significant other convinced you, or you convinced yourself-it’s time to see the doctor. After telling him your energy is flagging, mind getting a little fuzzy, don’t quite have the ambition and drive you once had, muscles ache for no reason, and your libido has you at half-mast, he says-“that’s only normal.”

“Normal”? You almost shout in response with a questionable frown.

“Yes, I see in your charts you just turned 50,” he says. That’s the response often given by traditional doctors when told these signs that are typical of low-t. What’ so troubling about it is that you may have just seen him a few months earlier with a virus, and failed to mention these troubling symptoms. And in his exam-he failed to pick up on them, not a single one.

What’s even more troubling is the fact that he probably never would, unless you speak up. Even though this is likely the most significant physiological change that many men experience, the vast majority of conventional doctors don’t recognize or treat it. According to the beliefs of Eugene Shippen, M.D., a physician in Shillington, Pennsylvania, this bodily change can be every bit as histrionic for a man, as menopause is for a woman.

When you consider the list of symptoms of low testosterone, it’s easy to see why it’s something to be concerned about. Besides those already mentioned, many men suffer from one or more of the following; depression, loss of strength, moodiness, weight gain for no apparent reason, osteoporosis, and sleep problems.

It’s a rather frightening list, but not one without answers. And since most men aren’t quite ready to give up their sex lives when all this sets in, dealing with Viasil benefits is high on their list.

You’ve seen enough ads that you’re not totally in the dark. Low male libido happens, and it appears you’ve got it. With so many men in their graying years, this widespread health change has resulted in a massive reaction from the pharmaceutical and health care industry as a whole. In case you somehow missed the TV ads, all you have to do is drive through any mid-size to large city, and notice the billboards. Testosterone replacement therapy is readily available everywhere you go. In fact, it’s too available. It has drawn some men into treatments they later regretted. But, the FDA approves it, so that makes it safe-in the eyes of most men.

But just how safe is it?

FDA Approved Therapy or Herbal Pills-Truth or Lies?

In a recent report in HealthDay News, the subject of testosterone treatments and health risks was discussed. With more men subjecting their bodies to testosterone replacement therapy than ever before, it has been discovered that it may put men’s hearts at risk. So now the FDA is going to take another look at its safety. How many of those treatment centers do you think may have said “oh, it’s safe-after all the FDA approved it.”

“FDA is investigating the risk of stroke, heart attack and death in men taking FDA-approved testosterone products,” the agency said in a statement released in January, 2014.

“We have been monitoring this risk and decided to reassess this safety issue based on the recent publication of two separate studies that each suggested an increased risk of cardiovascular events among groups of men prescribed testosterone therapy,” the agency added.

It’s hard to imagine people saying it’s safe, and all the while knowing it isn’t. However, it appears, at least at this point, that to tell men testosterone replacement therapy is safe-is actually a lie, an innocent one, no doubt, but a lie nonetheless. It may be wise for doctors to consider the tradeoffs, i.e. risks vs. rewards, before advising their patients to take this FDA approved therapy.

It may also be wise for men to consider the tradeoffs as well, because what is true is that-herbal pills have proven to be an effective low testosterone treatment for many men-and it carries absolutely no risk of harmful side effects.

Obviously, men go through conventional testosterone replacement therapy without suffering any meaningful setbacks, and find that it works. But, if you happen to be one who suffers in the process, it won’t matter to you that the odds were in your favor.

Why would any man want to put himself at risk, without at least giving a totally risk-free option every opportunity for success?

When considering an alternative treatment for low-t, look for an all-natural herbal pill that contains clinically proven substances that are rich in potency, formulated for maximum strength, reasonably priced so you can continue taking it for at least 4-6 months, and offers a 100% total satisfaction money-back guarantee.

A product that has worked for many men, one that those who use it have rated #1, is Viasil. It was formulated by a doctor, and it fits the description of what has proven to be efficacious in dealing with low male libido.

Don’t be too quick to go down the conventional (and risky) path. You may find that you can restore your energy, sex drive, memory issues, and muscular growth problems-totally risk free.