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Posted by on February 24, 2019

In matters of sex, men and women are quite different: they have much more complicated to fake an orgasm, their fantasies and hidden sexual desires do not usually coincide with theirs and almost worry more to endure enough to reach orgasm. But there is something we have in common: sometimes, we are not what we are and we abstract ourselves while we practice sex, says the best sexologist in Delhi.


Usually, this habit of thinking about other things while having sex is usually more blamed on women, but it turns out that they also have a headache. Of course, more than thinking about the before – to see how the problem of the air conditioning in the office is solved tomorrow – or afterward – it is clear that the best option is to dine Chinese -, they turn to the present moment. Yes, even while they are having sex, men think about sex, says sex specialist in Delhi.

This is how sexologist in Delhi explains, where he has collected the five most common mental scratches of men when they are in bed based on real examples and experiences. This is what goes through their heads while they are having sex.

Do you like my body?

It seems that at the moment of undressing, we all get complexes, especially when we see ourselves in bed with someone with whom we have little confidence and we think that we will not be able to avoid looking at all those imperfections in our body, says top sexologist in Delhi.

“I know I should take more care of my body and go to the gym more,” confesses one of the anonymous participants in the article, “so during sex, I cross to my toes to focus more on how they feel in how my belly rubs against her. ” What to do with the lights off becomes the great alternative for many men who are obsessed with whether their soft body will be sexy enough or, the classic, if they measure what they have to measure or they will be ridiculed.

This … I take out the condom?

In preliminary plenary sessions, many men make the advance and begin to wonder if it is ugly that they take out the condom, if the other person will have it, if they are already taking another type of contraceptive measures or if they do not want to reach more and should not nor be considering getting a condom, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

“It’s a key issue,” explains another of the men: “If you ask too soon you run the risk of offending her if it turns out she was not willing to go to the end, and if she does and you wait too long to ask, you can end up ruining the moment … especially if nobody has a condom on hand! ”

Will I be a better lover than your ex?

“I would be lying if I said that I have never worried about whether she is comparing me to someone else. I found myself in bed wondering if I would match up with the other guys she has been with, “confesses another. And hence a non-stop over if it will have more or less large if it will be giving more or less pleasant, if the positions are innovative enough or if he endured more or less.

My mother, what I am sweating

“Is sweating considered sexy?” Asks one of the boys who respond to himself: “I hope so because I can get soaked. When I feel the first drop of sweat on my face I become obsessed with not falling on it and I start to get away as much as I can. ”

Many men worry about becoming a kind of water park slide. As with everything, with sweat there are levels and it is clear that some can become worrisome. But the more they become obsessed with whether or not they are soaked, the nerves will make them sweat more, and this ends in an endless loop that can be put on before that first drop, says sex doctor in Delhi.

Have you had an orgasm or not?

“Has that been a moan or an orgasm?” Another of the men often asks: “The truth is that half the time I’m not 100% sure and when I hear them moan I start to worry about whether I’ll be wrong and maybe she has not really arrived. ”

There are women able to fake orgasms brutally well, and they know it. Thus, on many occasions when they seem to have reached climax, the male mind instantly wonders if those moans and contortions are being real or not. Especially when the two people arrive at the same time, says sexologist in South Delhi.


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