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Posted by on June 9, 2019

Dissatisfaction: from taboo to dialogue

A very important part of life as a couple is sexual satisfaction. It is very common that, especially, stable couples who have been together for many years perceive that their sexual activity could improve.

Normally, to seek advice, family, friends and, to a lesser extent, specialized medical help from sexologist in Delhi.

In many cases, the sexual dissatisfaction of the couple can become a great taboo, even within it.

Besides being basic the predisposition of both members of the couple to seek and enhance common satisfaction, sex therapy can help to save marriages and relationships, restore self-esteem, reduce anxiety and depression, or enhance mutual understanding in the couple.

Below, we present the most common questions at the time of undergoing sexual therapy, still a minority option in the current Indian society. “If you go to the consultation of sex specialist in Delhi as a member of a couple, the success of it depends on whether both want to work to improve the sexual life of the couple”

In what problems can sex therapy help?

Most couples who consult a sex doctor in Delhi have an imbalance in sexual desires. The main reason for attending this type of consultation is that one of the partners wants more sexual activity than the other.

Also, other frequent causes are anorgasmia, impotencelack of sexual desire, and premature ejaculation. A certain number of consultations is related to having suffered sexual abuse.

Rarely, couples are referred to the best sexologist in Delhi because they simply do not know what sex is. Perhaps they have not had much experience and feel very embarrassed when it comes to asking the couple, which prevents self-knowledge, disinhibition and, therefore, sexual satisfaction.

Is there a patient type for therapy?

Not really, although most patients are heterosexual couples, of which many are long-term relationships. These couples usually arrive at the consultation sent by the attending physician or by a marriage counselor. Stresses that, among heterosexual couples, it is the woman who takes the reins when confronting the unsatisfactory situation of the couple.

Will the therapist laugh at me?

Never. Sexologists in Delhi have heard all kinds of problems, among which, with great security is yours. Whatever your concern, do not feel “a weirdo”, the sexual therapist has dealt with more extreme cases than yours and I am sure that his intervention has been of great help when it comes to modifying the behavior pattern that caused the dysfunction or sexual dissatisfaction.

What is a therapy session?

The sessions are usually very relaxed and informal, especially so that the couple feels comfortable and open when discussing their problem or receiving advice. The first session has a duration close to the hour. After a brief introduction, the sex specialist doctor in Delhi will try to discern the problem that underlies the sexual behavior of the couple.

The most frequent questions that the sexologist in North Delhi will ask in this first session are:

  • Could you describe the problem?
  • When did you first notice the problem?
  • Has the situation worsened over time?
  • Why have you decided to go to sex therapy now?
  • Do you both perceive the problem in the same way?
  • How does the problem affect other aspects of your relationship?

At the end of the first session, the top sexologist in Delhi will have a complete idea of ​​how much you can help the couple and how many sessions will be necessary for this. Said number is variable according to the case, being able to be six, twelve or even more.

Are the sessions recorded?

No, unless it is part of the therapy itself, for which the couple will have had to give their express prior consent. Normally, after each session, a written summary is usually recorded and sent to the GP at the end of the therapy.

What are the differences in sexual therapy with respect to sexual substitution and regressive therapies?

Sexual therapy is designed to reduce sexual problems of the couple through dialogue, not through sexual activity, as in sexual surrogacy, therapy in which a “professional substitute” is used to guide the person with problems or dysfunctions to discover how to enjoy sexually.

On the other hand, regressive therapy aims to link sexual problems to aspects of previous life stages. Sexologist in East Delhi no longer consider sexual problems simply as symptoms of other emotional problems rooted in the person, a tendency that regression, hypnosis or psychoanalysis tries to make public.

In fact, sexologist in West Delhi supports the theory that problems related to sex occur in people who are not in other areas of daily life and who do not suffer from any other type of psychological dysfunction.

Often, the causes of sexual problems are often found in the fear of “failing” at the time of sex, in the reaction to real or imagined demands of the couple, or in the fear of being rejected.

How can I contact a reputable sex therapist?

Normally, sexologist in India is general practitioners, psychiatrists, gynecologists or doctors specialized in genito-urinary medicine. There is no recognized qualification, which means in theory that anyone can call himself a “sexual therapist”. To make sure, ask for advice from your general practitioner, at your genito-urinary clinic or at your health center.

What are the achievements I can expect?

If you go to the consultation of sexologist in South Delhi as a member of a couple, the success of it depends on whether both want to work to improve the sexual life of the couple. If it is only one member who attends the appointment with the sexual therapist, there will be very little chance of improvement.

If the problem is physical rather than emotional, then this type of therapy is unlikely to work, although if the therapist is the best sex doctor in Delhi, he may be able to identify the causes of the dysfunction and determine a treatment for the aforementioned physical problem.

Above all, most couples come to a reciprocal understanding of the problem, improve communication between both in the long term, and learn to enhance the rest of the areas involved in the sexual life of a relationship as a couple.


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